Vincenzo Covelli - Guide to the Necropsy of the Mouse

Atlas of mouse cardiovascular development

Atlas of the mouse cardiovascular system using EFIC


Variation in bone mass using uCT and histomorphometry for KOMP mice


Mouse embryonic anatomy and development


Urogenital and prostate development with a collection of immunohistochemical, histological, and immunofluorescence images, and gene expression data

International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium (IMPC)

Summaries of phenotyping of genetically engineered mice in the KOMP program


Identification of animal models for human disease

Mouse Brain Atlas

high resolution physical atlases of the adult and embryonic mouse brains

Mouse Genome Informatics

Large datasets on mice, genetics, inbred strains, mutant lines, etc.

Mouse Genome Informatics SNPs Database

Single nucleotide polymorphisms for inbred strains


Comparative human and mouse data

Mouse Models of Human Cancer Database (MMHCD)

Mouse models of human cancer data and images

Mouse Phenome Database

Variety of data on studies that compare inbred strains


Immunological phenotypes of single gene mouse mutants produced by ENU mutagenesis

National Toxicology Program Neoplastic Lesion Atlas

Atlas of images and descriptions on nonneoplastic lesions in rats and mice

Noah’s Arkive

Images of lesions from many different species

Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM)

Summaries with references on genetic based diseases in humans with reference to animal models

Pathbase, The European Mouse Pathology Database

Images of lesions found in mice (spontaneous, genetically engineered, etc.)


Subdirectory of Pathbase focusing on normal and abnormal skin phenotypes in mice

Sanger Mouse SNPs Database

Single nucleotide polymorphisms for inbred strains